Black-Eyed Susan

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Chapters 1 to 16
Chapters 1 to 16

Meet Frank Valance, a former outlaw who has just opened the first Private Detective Agency in the wild west. He and his partner, an Apache named Maba, aim to redeem their outlaw pasts by helping the citizens of a podunk town called Shepard's Plateau. Supposing anyone will accept the help of a couple of former desperados! Updates with a new Chapter every Month! Ready the Entire Comic on!


April 1st, 2011, 12:39 pm



Hey guys!! From now on Black-Eyed Susan will be slowly updated on Smackjeeves at a rate of one page a week. But remember, if you want to read the whole story MUCH faster, go to where the comic updates at a rate of A WHOLE CHAPTER A MONTH!!


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